Deb Lytle Finds an Affiliate Marketing and Business Training Program to Help Her Grow Her Businesses

Deb Lytle has had previous experience with Affiliate Marketing. One of the current companies she represents as an affiliate is called Good Life USA, a hotel savings membership plan.

Even though Deb is picking programs she believes in, she found them lacking when it comes to affiliate training.

It’s not about what product you represent, it’s about having a solid business foundation and a clear customer acquisition plan.

Through the introductory 21 steps program and continued MOBE curriculum, Deb has learned the foundations of an online business and common mistakes to avoid.

She has also learned about asset protection and investment strategies to grow her businesses.

Sam is the founder of 3DLifeStyleee Academy. After working as a Software Engineer for over 18 years for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies like Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Apple, Expedia, etc., he realized that his dreams were too big to be fulfilled working for someone else. So he ventured out as an Entrepreneur in his quest to design a lifestyle that he always desired for him and his family.

Prior to 3DLifeStyleee Academy, he also built and successfully launched two of his own software products.