Diamond Member Mike Williams, One of MOBE’s Top Affiliate Teams, Get Behind the Wheels of a 2017 Ford Truck of the Year

Mike Williams enjoyed a successful corporate career in the call center industry. He started out in support but by the time he left the company, he had climbed the corporate ladder to become the COO and Managing Director of that company’s European division.

Having mentors and a supporting team helped Mike achieve more success.

However, his increased responsibilities soon began to take away time from his family, sometimes weeks at a time, which lead Mike to look for alternate income solutions.

While Mike had no previous marketing experience, his work ethics and strategic partnerships with mentors resulted in his incredible success as an online business owner and affiliate of MOBE.

In a few short years, Mike and his team have generated over $17 million in commissions with MOBE.

While Mike qualified for the MOBE Motors incentive program a long time ago, he recently choose to make use of the program and get a Ford F350 Turbo Diesel 2017 as well as a beautiful camper trailer that he can enjoy with his family.

Sam is the founder of 3DLifeStyleee Academy. After working as a Software Engineer for over 18 years for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies like Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Apple, Expedia, etc., he realized that his dreams were too big to be fulfilled working for someone else. So he ventured out as an Entrepreneur in his quest to design a lifestyle that he always desired for him and his family.

Prior to 3DLifeStyleee Academy, he also built and successfully launched two of his own software products.