Janice Allen and Alice Adams Create a Join Venture Online Business During Their Retirement

Janice Allen and Alice Adams both live in small towns in Texas but their background couldn’t be more different.

Janice has enjoyed a marriage of over 50 years and spent her time mostly as a stay at home mom while Alice pursued a career first as a teacher and then in law enforcement.

Despite their differences, they hit it off right away when they met and it was because of their interest in entrepreneurship. Janice realized that her husband’s social security checks were not going to fund their retirement and Alice was not ready to be idle for the rest of her life.

When Alice learned about MOBE she reached out to Alice to ask her opinion and that’s when they decided to form a joint venture and build an online business together. Working together they can accomplish so much more because they can keep each other accountable.

Here’s what Janice and Alice had to say…