Nico Grimmelikhuyse Finds an Online Business Solution That Allows Him to Leave His Regimented Shift Days Behind

Nico Grimmelikhuyse knows the meaning of hard work. Working as a process operator at a waste burning facility for many years, his work hours ranged from either early, late or night shifts, with 7 days on and 3 days off.

Over time his schedule become more challenging. Looking for alternate income options, Nico went back to school and became a mortician.

As a mortician he is able to help families deal with the loss of their loved ones, which was very satisfying. But Nico soon realized that as the business owner, he now had less time than before. He essentially had created another job.

That’s when Nico and his wife started searching for ways to start an online business. They wanted to earn a living from the comfort of their own home so they can spend more time together. They found their three main criteria in MOBE.

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