Registered Nurse Marla Mason Adds an Internet Business to Her Retirement Strategy

Marla Mason has enjoyed a successful 30-year career as a registered nurse. While she loves her career, working in the operating room is very demanding and requires long days… a pace she might not be able to keep for many more years.

After a relationship breakup, Marla took a serious look at her life and retirement strategy. She realized that she did not have enough for retirement just yet. That’s when she turned to the Internet to look for additional sources of retirement income and found this incredible 21-steps program.

After going through the 21 steps, Marla fell in love with the business model that would allow her to travel the world and work from anywhere.

Learning new skills requires dedication, focus, and determination but with the 21-steps training, coaching and masterminds programs, Marla is having fun while building her side business.

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