DESIRE Burning desire to be Successful!

DESIRE A Burning desire to be Successful!

About Me

I believe that to be a truly successful entrepreneur,
you need the following 3 attributes:


– It All Begins With a Desire, A Burning Desire to be Successful! 
– Unwavering Determination to Reach Higher!
– Absolute Resolve to Dominate The Competition!

I like to call it a 3-Dimensional LifeStyle, hence
I started with the goal of helping
budding entrepreneurs to live this lifestyle in every
area of their lives!

Hi, I’m Sam…

…and I’m in a quest to live a true 3DLifeStyleee!

It was October 10th 1999 when I first came to the USA.
Growing up in India, it was my single biggest dream.
Nothing else mattered much. I was laser focused.
Everything I did…
… Reading books, Watching movies
… Playing sports, Going to college
… Making friends
Everything was done with this one end goal in mind.
And FINALLY it all paid off.
What a GLORIOUS day it was!

Since then I worked as a Software Engineer for over 18 years.
During this time, I was employed by some of the
biggest Fortune 500 companies like Cisco Systems,
Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Apple, Expedia, etc.

My job provided me with a decent income to make a living
but it did not allow me to design a lifestyle that I always
desired for me & my family and that is to have …
… Money Freedom
… Location Freedom
… Time Freedom

I always had BIG dreams,
I always wanted to be financially free
I wanted to make a DIFFERENCE in the world, 
Open orphanages in India and help out the less fortunate


My stagnant income had been the biggest stumbling
block in achieving my dreams and fulfilling my vision… 

My moment of great epiphany was when God
blessed me with a beautiful family!

This is when I realized that…
I didn’t have enough time to spend with my kids,
I didn’t have enough money to travel the world with my wife.
In fact, my paycheck was barely covering our basic expenses.

So, one day it hit me…

I was tired, sick in fact…
… working for somebody else
working 9 to 5 job
… living from paycheck-to-paycheck
… not being able to spend enough time with my family
… seeing all my dreams slip away, one-by-one

I needed to break this vicious cycle…

But in spite of all my efforts,
I couldn’t find a way to be financially free,
time seemed to fly, age catching up…

… I tried my hand at couple of ventures
… built software products
… but all in vain

So after exhausting myself financially, physically & mentally
I realized that it’s pretty hard to succeed as an Entrepreneur
without proper direction & guidance from someone who’s
been there and done that.

So I kept looking…

And recently while exploring yet another avenue in my quest
to be successful, I came across this opportunity that was unlike
any I’ve seen, heard, or even thought existed.

… I quickly realized it’s potential
… and made a decision to jump right in
… my eyes were opened to a HUGE possibility that
I never knew existed for me.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was,
the solution was staring at me all along.
All I needed was for someone to point it out to me…

This truly changed my life…

… and now I’m sharing my story with you
… in hopes of making a difference in yours too!

– Sam


DETERMINATION Unwavering determination to reach Higher!

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them…a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”  – Muhammad Ali