Setting Up a Six Figure Website

The amount of money you could potentially make online is astronomical.  Plenty of people have quit their full-time jobs because they managed to set up a system that makes more money than they thought possible.  With millions of dollars being spent online every day, it’s never been easier to capture a piece of that action.

Every successful website is like a puzzle.  It has a few very important pieces which all combine to create something profitable.  While there is a lot to consider, these few tips will help ensure your website has everything it needs to start earning six figures or more a year.

The Website

The most obvious element is the website.  This will be your business—it’s your branding and it’s where your customers go.  A good website, however, needs to do more than simply sell products.  It has to be informative, entertaining, and well-respected.  This will help it get more visitors.

Visitors are the key to earning money online.  If you want to make thousands of sales then you’ll need thousands of eager customers.  Remember that they aren’t only coming to your site to spend money.  They’ll need a reason to visit your site and click on products.  Focusing on creating a website that is interesting to real visitors is easily the most important secret to a six-figure site.


Once you have a website and a stream of visitors, you’ll need something to sell to them.  People aren’t going to hand over their hard-earned money simply because they like your site.  You need to give them something they’ll want.  This means you need to find high-quality products that are relevant to your niche.

There are a number of different products you can sell to your visitors.  Information is always popular so books and videos can be a great idea.  Programs designed to make someone’s life easier are also a great way to go.  In addition to these, you can offer something that improves whatever it is your visitors do such as a service that automates mundane tasks.

A sales funnel

No matter how good a product might be, it will never sell itself.  You’ll always need to give it a little push.  This is done with a sales funnel.  It’s a system that is designed to draw people in, weed out those who won’t spend any money, and then encourage the remaining people to place an order.

There is a science to creating an effective sales funnel.  It can be difficult to find the right balance between qualifying leads and getting people to click on the Buy Now button.  This is, in fact, where so many strategies fall apart.  Without a good sales process, you’ll never make any money.

All of this takes quite a bit of work.  If it was really easy, then everyone would be doing it.  The truth is that you need to find a loophole, a way around all of this work, time, and money.  That’s why I offer insider access to the most effective sales funnels and best-selling products in the home business niche today.