Finally, One Last Interview… Me :)

By the time Diamond Mastermind Event was over, I was really glad to have interviewed some really AWESOME folks.

It inspired me, helped me grow, but most importantly gave me an opportunity to build some life-long friendships (hopefully).

But now it was time to see my babies. I missed them like crazy for 10 days. And I could not wait to get home to them. Little did I know that there was just one last interview left…

While driving to the airport, Pastor Paul happened to be in the shuttle with me and he decided to interview me on the go 🙂

In particular, he wanted to know how I came to the USA from India. Now, this particular story of mine is of HUGE significance for me. It’s a tale of how God speaks to His people and fulfills the desires of their hearts if they delight in Him. Quite frankly, it’s an AMAZING story and still fills me with the sense of gratitude toward Him and gives me goosebumps every time I think about it.

I was born and raised in India, so I’ve seen poverty from very close quarters.

Growing up…I always had BIG dreams, 
I wanted to be financially free,
I wanted to make a difference in the world, like open orphanages in India and help out the less fortunate ones.

Throughout my childhood, my single biggest goal was to come to the United States of America. I thought once I got here, all my dreams would be realized. After all, America is considered the land of opportunities.

Nothing else mattered much really. I was so laser-focused on my goal that everything I did, like
… Reading books
… watching movies
… Playing sports
… going to college
… Even making friends

Everything was done with this one end goal in mind…. And FINALLY, it all paid off. 

It was October 10th, 1999 when I first landed in the US.
I still remember that day like it was yesterday. What a GLORIOUS day it was for me!

But to hear more about how it actually happened… I’ll let you watch my interview below :

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