How Phone Follow-up Can Transform the Profitability of Your Business

Can you imagine winning a poker tournament and walking away from half of the prize money?

Picture yourself having played the rounds, having won it all, and then scooping up half of your chips and leaving the rest on the table forever.

I’m banging my head on the wall just thinking about.

But did you know…if you’re making money online it’s possible that you’re leaving cash on the table every single month.

Why is this?  FACT: Some of your visitors and customers will buy every single product or service you have to offer. Just by having more to sell, you’ll have more opportunities to double or triple your incoming cash!

This is where the real money is. Low-price sales will cover your bills, high-ticket sales will make you rich.

I’m not talking about reports, ebooks, or even membership site subscriptions for continuity income.

I’m talking about top-tier sales, and you only need a few top-tier sales per month to live like a king. By top-tier, I mean selling products or services with high price points.

These are programs like seminars and events, coaching, and mastermind groups that cost thousands of dollars (sometimes even $50,000 or more) to join and which net you the largest commission checks of all.

Most people will buy something less expensive, BUT—it doesn’t take many of these to make you several times more money online.

For example, let’s say you have 5,000 unique people per month coming to your sales funnel, and you sell a $10 ebook to 4% of them (200 new customers). That makes you $2.000. Nice!

But now let’s take all the money off the table that’s available to you and offer a $15,000 coaching program to everyone who buys your ebook.

Even if only 1 in 200 take you up on the offer, you’d make an extra $15,000 that you never would have seen otherwise from that sale, and would make a commission check for several thousand.

Congratulations! You just doubled your income without doing anything more than following up your first offer with a second one for more.

Now, the key to making top-tier sales like these for big commission checks is 1-on-1 phone sales.

Here’s how that works:

1) You generate a new lead by driving traffic as you normally do
2) Make sure to capture their name, email address, AND phone number
3) They get automated emails from you, and also a personal phone call to follow-up

Do you think that would get their attention? That will make a connection with your new leads that will open the door to making a sale, now or later.

Most people will not make a major commitment without time first getting to know who you are and what you can do for them. As soon as they feel comfortable, then they buy.

Also, it ensures that those who are ready to commit to growing their business create a commission for YOU and not some other affiliate or program.

Why? Because they’re not using the phone, and are leaving money on the table, too. A recent InsideSales report showed that over HALF of companies surveyed never followed up with leads by phone after capturing their phone number.

It’s not easy to do (it’s a lot of work and can be scary at first), but I strongly suggest that you commit to following up on the phone, as it’s the key to doubling or tripling your income.

One option you have is to leverage a phone team, by hiring and training your own salespeople to make the calls and close the sales.

This has worked well for me, as I built a team of phone salespeople to call my new leads and sell our higher-ticket programs, which range anywhere from $X.00 to $X.00.

They have proven their ability to close over and over again. It was a lot of work, but I’m glad I did it.

My phone team can also sell your leads into programs FOR YOU…with you standing to make $1,200, $3,300, or $5,500 each time.

The program is called My Top-Tier Business, and it has generated over $4 million in revenue – half of which has been paid out in commissions. So that’s $2 MILLION cash in commissions to people like you.

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