How to Promote Your Black Friday Deals

Each year as the calendar rolls over from Halloween and toward Thanksgiving, we look with anticipation and excitement toward Black Friday. As a business owner, you must prepare for your Black Friday deals through email campaigns, social media blasts, and additional methods to drive traffic to your store.

There are, however, other ways to add traffic that don’t include the methods above. You can look into opportunities such as Reddit, sites that aggregate deals for consumers and other areas that are not given much consideration as Black Friday draws near. Explore all possibilities. You never know what might end up being a diamond in the rough.


The key to marketing on Reddit is to keep your content in the right context. Blatant and obvious marketing within the platform will have poor results. Make sure your Black Friday deals are being directed to the appropriate audience, and in the right format. Your best bet to share your Black Friday deals will be in subreddits that discuss saving money, sharing deals, along with any other topics which directly relate to your business or product.

Remember that you are more likely to be taken seriously by Redditors when you post with a well-established history. Be open and honest about your business, and be genuine about what you are doing. There’s a good chance you’re going to find exactly the right type of group which will be passionate and interested in your Black Friday deals.


There are a lot of customers who use deal aggregator sites to find great opportunities to save money. As a result, this would be a great place to share and market your Black Friday deals. A few of the more popular ones like RetailMeNot, PromosPro, and CouponShutter use their influence to partner with other large retailers, which will garner more exposure for your business and product.

These types of communities and forums that use crowdsourcing as a method of promotion provide an excellent opportunity to share your Black Friday deals with a lot of people. Bear in mind, however, that your product or business will need to be reviewed before being listed, so make sure you meet the requirements beforehand.

Groups on Facebook

While sending a blast out on social media might get some additional clicks, joining a group that directly deals with your type of product is good ways to promote your Black Friday deals. Reach out to the appropriate groups to engage a sizeable group of people about your product.

You can reach out to Facebook Groups based on how relatable it is to what you’re marketing for Black Friday deals. Determine whether the group is open or closed, how many members each group has, and review guidelines for group behavior as well as best practices for marketing your content before joining.

You don’t have to have a specific tactic or plan when sending out social media blasts or to use a paid ad campaign when marketing your Black Friday deals. Don’t miss the low hanging fruit when considering the best method to use for advertisement. There is the opportunity to make some easy sales and generate additional traffic to your site when finding additional means of sharing your Black Friday deals to other, untapped areas.

Try your hand at using Reddit, reaching out to deal aggregators, or joining a Facebook Group which directly relates to your product. Doing so will result in more sets of eyes on your business, and can directly impact the number of sales you make when marketing your Black Friday deals. For more tips on marketing and promotion, subscribe to my newsletter now.