Joint Ventures for Fast, Easy Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of marketing.  Whether you’re selling a product, offering a service, or simply running a website, you need a steady stream of traffic before you can make any money.

But as you might have experienced by now, generating traffic is often harder than you might expect.  There are a lot of things competing for people’s attention these days.  While a high-value product or service once stood out on its own, now you need to give it a bit of a push.

Tapping into someone else’s traffic through a joint venture is the quickest & easiest way to do this.  I’ve personally done this a number of times and it has almost always drastically increased the traffic flow to one of my offers.

Here’s how you can do it, too:

Step 1: Find potential partners

The first step is to find someone to joint venture with.  The ideal candidate is someone with an email list, or who generates a significant amount of traffic on a regular basis.  They should be working in the same niche or market you are (or something relevant) because traffic needs to be targeted to convert well.  Sending 1,000 people to an offer will get you nowhere unless those people will be interested in what you have for them.

Message boards and other online communities are a great place to start.  Or, just track down a few popular websites and find the contact information for the person that runs them.  Doing this lets you create a list of relevant, high traffic websites to approach.

Step 2: Reach out to them

Remember that a JV partner is different from a customer.  When you contact them, you’ll likely be speaking with a fellow marketer.  Treat them like a person you’re interested in getting to know.  Tell them about yourself, what you need the traffic for, and what you can do for them.  Don’t forget that this is a joint venture partnership so they will be expecting to get something out of it as well.

Step 3: Provide them with what they need

Your partner will be sharing their own personal traffic with you.  This could be their own readers, clients, or customers, so they will be a bit protective.  Make sure your potential partner understands everything you’ll be doing.  Tell them about the offer, link them to the website, and maybe even include a free sample of your product.  The more they know about you and what you’re doing, the more likely it is they will want to partner with you.

Step 4: Pay them forward

Since this is a joint venture, you probably won’t be paying for the traffic up front.  But of course, your partner will want to get something in return for all of the people they’re sending your way.  One idea is to offer them a percentage of the profits.  This will give them a real reason to send as many people to you as they can.

You could also help promote something they’re offering, in return.  When someone comes to your site and orders something, you could direct them to one of your partner’s offers as well.  If you’re building a list, you could offer to promote one of your partner’s products to your list instead.

Getting tons of traffic from a joint venture can be great but it can be tricky to find the right partner.  Even when you do, there’s no guarantee they will be sending you actual leads and not just window shoppers.  If you want to be sure you’re getting the best traffic you can find, you can have instant access to my traffic-generation team that will get qualified leads for you by clicking here now.