Kristine Ciesinski’s Journey from a World Renowned Soprano to a Glider Pilot to an Entrepreneur..

I’m writing this blog 2-days late as it so happens that I was caught up in the Tropical Storm Nate. So we didn’t have any power here in Costa Rica. I’m actually quite fortunate to just catch the tail end of this storm as it’s now turning into a hurricane and has sadly already claimed 23 lives.

So my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones.

Today I got to interview Kristine Ciesinski here at the Diamond Mastermind.

She is a world renowned Soprano. Both she and her husband Norman Bailey, who is also a world renowned British Wagnerian Bass-Baritone, have performed several major roles in numerous premier opera houses around the world.

Kristine also has a second career and passion, Aviation. She is a glider pilot/instructor at Teton Aviation, where she instructs in gliders and gives scenic flights over the magnificent Grand Teton Mountains.

She is also a commercial single engine pilot and has been Captain of the local Civil Air Patrol Squadron and has flown search and rescue as well as towed gliders.

She has also appeared in the soaring-movie “Cloudstreets” released in the spring of 2014.

Her journey from an Opera Singer to a Pilot and now an Entrepreneur is quite interesting.

With her passion and drive, I have absolutely no doubts that she’ll soar high in her entrepreneurial journey as she has in her previous careers.

Watch my brief interview with Kristine below and also click here to see the system that has given her wings to fly again!

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