Lal Family’s Tennis Outing & A Surprise Christmas Gift!

My son is getting pretty good at tennis. It makes me happy & proud of course.

Just to let you in on a secret, I was quite a tennis player back in the day. I actually played at a competitive level. (but that seems like another lifetime ago).

So it fills my heart to see my son taking a liking to tennis as well.

Yesterday, in the middle of the day, he insisted he wanted to hit some balls on the tennis court.

Mom said Yes, I said No (I had way too much work to do.)

His shoulders shrunk.  He walked away, looking dejected. I felt really bad, but I had to stay focused on accomplishing my goals… (or so I told myself).

But he came back a few minutes later and said, “But Dada, I’m getting really good at it, you HAVE to come watch me play”……

… That’ melted my heart.

I quickly realized the importance of this moment in shaping my son’s psyche and building up his confidence.

Work has to wait…

My kids keep me accountable in more ways than I can recount. I have such deep conviction about giving positive affirmation to my kids right from the beginning.  Make sure they know Mom & Dad are always there to cheer them on and spend time with them.

More often than not my work keeps me from doing that. At times, I snap at them but then the Holy Spirit reminds me of Proverbs 22:6:

“Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

And it snaps me right back.

I have to live by example, they are watching me more than listening to me.

Anyway, we went to the tennis court and I’m glad I did coz we had so much fun!

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I was able to capture some of our outings in this short video. Please check it out.

I feel blessed that I get to spend most of my day with my family and go on spontaneous outings like this WHEN we desire!

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I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!