My Explosive Interview With Tasha “Live-Wire” Cooney!

Tasha Cooney…. I’m not sure where to even begin… she’s one of a kind!

Her resume runs deep.

With an extensive background in the entertainment industry for 15 years, she has acquired a wide range of knowledge in both TV and Films.

From shooting numerous  Live Bands to Television Shows & Commercials,  Sporting Events like Pop Warner Super Bowl, ESPN Trailer Promos, NFL’s Monday Night Football Theme Song with Hank Williams Jr to behind the scenes Videography and Interviews. From shooting Short Independent Films like Witch Doctor to doing Educational Teaching Documentaries…the list goes on and on…

But to me, her best quality is her innate ability to bring out the BEST in others.

She has this uncanny ability to transform someone from a shy, nervous wreck on camera to look like a seasoned professional. You gotta really see before and after shoots to believe it.

She values a strong work ethic and expects nothing less from others. Her job is her passion, her life, and her full-time vocation.  I remember her saying once that she always has her bags packed so that she’s ready to fly anywhere in the world at a moments notice, wherever her work takes her. Now that’s commitment!

Currently, she’s a Film Studio Manager at MOBE. In my opinion, she’s the heart and soul of these mastermind events. I’m almost convinced she never sleeps… At times I’d joke that she’s not really a human…maybe Matt actually got her built 🙂

I think her quote below kinda sums her up:

“The sky is not the limit, it’s your mind.” – Tasha Cooney

So without further ado… here’s my interview with Tasha Angelina Cooney:

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