My Moment of Inspiration…

I just thought I’d share this small moment of inspiration from my day today!

It’s amazing how fast kids grow up or at least it seems that way:)

Today my son tried his roller-blades on for the very first time (he’s 4-years old). And he did quite well, I must say. He wanted to keep going 🙂

But he also inspired me. You see, I’ve been meaning to start rollerblading for years but have been putting it off… procrastination mostly.

Seeing him today and his eagerness to keep going gave me all the more reason to get on with it.

We can all learn and draw a great deal of inspiration just by watching our kids.

I realize how much they keep us accountable. Like I was watching my son, he’s watching me closely, every single day.

So I have to make sure I’m setting a good example for him by my actions, my words and pretty much everything I do.

If you have kids, make sure not to miss out on these small but precious moments of inspiration!