Norbert Orlewicz’s Journey From Near-Bankruptcy To Top Internet Marketing Guru…

Today I got to chat with Norbert Orlewicz at the Diamond Mastermind. He’s the lead trainer here for this event.

Norbert has been teaching and coaching aspiring online entrepreneurs for nearly 10 years and is passionate about empowering individuals to own their unique value and create a business and life they love leveraging the power of the internet.

Norbert was the co-founder of a popular Internet Marketing Education System,  MYLeadSystemPRO,  teaching network marketers how to grow their business using the internet.

His team grew that business on a shoe-string budget from zero to $2.2 million in the first 12 months and expanded it to over $20 million in revenues and over 100,000 customers worldwide in just 5 years.

Norbert had a series of business failures for 5 straight years after doing EVERYTHING he was told to do.

But his breakthrough came when he was near bankruptcy and had only two choices, give up or take a huge risk with this new opportunity that was presented to him.

Well… he obviously made the right choice!

Today he’s one of the leading internet marketing gurus.

Norbert’s focus is simplifying internet marketing into the most essential strategies that new marketers can follow and get results to start or grow any business online.

His passion is assisting aspiring and driven entrepreneurs to build an online business and lifestyle leveraging their own unique value and the incredible power of the internet to grow their influence.

Click below to watch my brief interview with Norbert :

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