Steve Kane, a Former Special Agent, a Commercial Pilot, a Farmer and now an Entrepreneur…

Today I got to chat with Steve Kane here at the Diamond Mastermind Event.

Steve has some very interesting stories to tell. As a former undercover special agent, he has been through some unbelievably dangerous situations.

When he was sharing some of his stories with me, I couldn’t help but feel so proud to be speaking with this incredible person. I felt like I was hearing stories that I only see happening in the movies.

It’s amazing how often law enforcement people like him put their lives at risk in their quest to make our lives safe.

During one of his missions while flying his plane, he almost had a near death experience where he thought he was not going to make it. But God had yet bigger plans for him.

From there on, he built a successful farming business and about 6-months back he ventured out as an Internet Marketer.

When I see people like Steve who put their lives at risk for others getting financial breakthrough and success, it truly warms my heart to no end.

From working undercover with dangerous gangs to a commercial pilot to farming and now an online Entrepreneur, it’s quite a journey already but Steve’s not done yet and I believe his most successful days are still ahead of him.

Steve wants to write a book someday about his journey and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on it whenever it comes out!

Click on the video below to see my brief interview with Steve :

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Looking forward to sharing with you yet another breakthrough segment tomorrow.