This is Steven & Jane Piccinonno

Today I got to chat with Steven & Jane Piccinonno here at the Diamond Mastermind.

When they retired after working as Letter Carriers for the Postal Service for almost 30 years, they realized that they didn’t have enough money to give them the kind of retirement they desired.

Steve & Jane were not someone to give up on their dreams so easily. So their quest to supplement their retirement income lead them to the Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough System.

Within 15 months of using this system, their lives have changed. Today they’re able to enjoy travelling and spending more quality time with their grandchildren, all the while doing their business from home or anywhere in the world.

Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough System has enabled them to focus on checking off things from their bucket list instead of stressing about paying bills.

Watch the video below to see my brief interview with the Piccinonnos :