Chas Hisch’s Journey From US Air Force to a Coal Mine Worker and Now an Entrepreneur…

There are two types of people in this world, “Introverts” and “Extroverts”.

Then again there are two categories of Extroverts…. first are the ones we try to hide from… you know, the kind who are borderline obnoxious…

Then there’s another kind, the ones we wanna hang around with, all the time. Because they have this incredible magnetic personality that is so contagious and oftentimes lifts everybody’s spirit around them.

Well…. Chas Hisch (thankfully) falls in the latter category in both cases.

I first noticed Chas at the Diamond Mastermind Event when he approached me for a contribution that he was taking for the resort staff where we were staying.

You see, we were just hit by tropical storm Nate, which went on to become a category 3 hurricane. So we were out of electricity for 3 days. It was during this time that the resort staff really stepped up to make sure we’re all taken care of. Most of these staff were local residents of Costa Rica and their houses were flooded up to their knees but here they were making sure we are comfortable.

Their sacrifice and service were not lost on Chas and he decided to collect money to help these folks out. This is when I knew the kind of person Chas is.

He’d walk into the room and light up everybody. It’s really hard to be gloomy around this guy. He’s an icebreaker of sorts.

Another great quality that I found in Chas was that he had this sense of humor about him that really is something. Now he’s a big guy with a big personality. He’d often make fun of himself by saying that when he gets information overload, he kinda pushes it down into his belly. So he’s not really big but really smart 🙂

I personally had a great time at the event with our little back and forth banter.

I like guys like him… especially in our current political atmosphere where everybody is trying to find ways to get offended at everything. The sense of humor seems to be a thing of the past.

Anyways, Chas grew up in a small rural community, went to a Catholic grade school for eight years and then went 4 years to a public high school.

He served 10 years active duty in the US Air Force (God Bless him for his service), mainly in the European theater!

He stayed in England for 10 more years working and living it up! He has traveled extensively in Europe including Paris, Madrid and all over England. He then moved back to the USA in 1999 and worked as a heavy equipment operator in a coal mine for 11 years. He and his wife moved to San Antonio Texas in 2016.

A workplace injury forced him to look for other avenues for income, especially working from home. This is when he came across internet marketing, sometime in May 2016.

Knowing his personality and his work ethic, it’s no surprise to see the kind of success he’s already getting in his short entrepreneurial journey.

He’s on his way up to be a top performer and I wish him all the success!

Watch my interview with Chas below:

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